To Write or Not to Write

If someone were to ask me why I like to write stories, this would be my answer,

The reason I like to write stories isn't because I think I am a good writer, because I am not. It isn't because I think someday I will be a famous author, because I probably won't be.

The reason I write is because I have stories inside me that developed in the dreams that I don't remember. They are truths that live in my subconscience. They are patterns and puzzles of words and images that must be assembled, not only for others to understand me, but for me to understand myself. My stories are tangible images gathered from bits and pieces of symbols called words, from which I am challenged to fit together into a story.

~Priceless Joy

Why do you write?


31 thoughts on “To Write or Not to Write

  1. I just keep getting so many ideas that I wish were books or movies. I like to write, and so the only resolution ends up developing the idea more and actually writing it.

  2. Don’t sell yourself short, @Priceless Joy. I enjoy your writing — you even made me laugh with the Pecan Turtle story 🙂 At one point, I aspired to be a Writer with a capital W, but I am content to be a writer with a small w now. As others have said, writing helps get ideas out of my head. It lets me share with readers who don’t mind wordiness and introspection. I struggle with the fact that I am neglecting practical tasks for the sake of writing; it is hard to justify, and I plan to back off a bit after Photo 101. The first time I wrote a true blog post, I wrote about a trip. Only my family members read it, but it was enough to hear my mom say, “Wow, I really enjoyed hearing about Muir Woods.” I felt like a writer again!

    • I totally understand the Writer thing. Yes, I am just a puny writer. But my hope is to write stories that people enjoy reading. I guess that is my only aim. If I ever feel “good” enough, I would like to write a book. But that is way in the future, if I live that long! Haha

  3. I’m certainly glad you write! I love reading what you have to say =) Though I have been a bit absent lately due to school and work =/ Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

  4. All of us first write for ourselves, writing is a therapy, it gives lot of bliss through reflection and realization that we undergo through the thinking process for writing. Each of us have our own unique story and these are only ours, and nobody in the world can have the same experience, and we are our own protagonist, we should write and share it…we have our signature on the story…

  5. You forgot to say that you write because other people love to read your stories

    I left school barely able to write. I couldn’t tell the difference in spelling between right or write, know or no, but oddly enough, I still loved to write, albeit appallingly. So, I write to get everything out and also to improve the actual writing

    • Cat, that is incredible! You are such an excellent writer! I just found a blog that is filled with wonderful information about writing. If you are interested, I will give you the link to this blog. Thank you so much for liking my writing. That means a great deal to me. I am so self-conscience about my writing (as I am about myself). I am using it to help me come out of my shell (that I have lived in for so long). And I use it to help me understand myself and to hopefully help others to understand me. You and I both have very unique stories to tell, stories that others need to read. I love the way you write because your writing is so candid and honest. It is very helpful to me in my own struggles in life.

  6. I write because there are bits of me, memories, treasured emotions, experiences that need to be recalled, otherwise they would be lost forever. It is to buy a measure of immortality for my mind, through my words.

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