Skeleton in the Closet

Challenge #4 – The Writers’ Hub – Where the Skeletons Live

The door to my closet is slightly open. I knew I had shut it. I’m OCD about that. The closet door has to be kept closed. But it is open and I am freaking out. I want to walk over and stick my head inside to see if there is someone in there.

My fear isn’t about the theft of my clothing because I’m not particularly attached to any of my clothes. On second thought, maybe a few things, but not enough to risk my life for them. Of course, there are some outfits that are “to die for.” But on second thought of that thought, not literally. Not literally meaning, to die for, that is. So I don’t think I will.

There are a lot of things stored in the top of my closet and in the back of my closet. What could they be after? I can’t think of a single thing that anyone would want, even though they obviously meant enough to me to keep them. It reminds me that I need to get rid of half of it. That is, if the thief leaves anything.

I’m trying to remember what is in my closet and why anyone would want anything that might be there. I have some old games from my childhood, Scrabble, Monopoly, Yahtzee, Dominos, and various books of cards that haven’t been used in years. Canning paraphernalia, envelopes, craft supplies, books and that is just about it. Nothing of worth really. So it has to be my clothes. Or maybe my shoes?

If the robber wants my shoes, he (or she) can have them. It would give me a good reason to buy some new ones. I always like to shop for shoes. I love shoes. Maybe I will just tell the thief to please take my shoes. Maybe I will tell him (or her) to take the clothes too. “Please take the clothes.” I would have a good reason to go buy some new ones. Clothes that are more in style and won’t make my butt look big.

On second thought, maybe I do want a thief in my closet. I am going to encourage him (or her) to just take it all. (Please, please take it all and leave).

I decided to quietly walk out of my bedroom. As I am tiptoeing down my hallway I hear a loud ruckus noise and rattling sound. My heart almost stops. “What is that?” Surely it doesn’t take that much noise to steal clothes and shoes?

I swallow my heart after it jumped up and landed in my throat and walk back into my room ever so quietly, hoping that whoever is in there doesn’t hear or see me. I notice there is no one in my room, so what made that sound? Maybe something on the top shelf fell to the floor?

I say a quick prayer and walk up to my closet door with my heart beating so hard I think it’s going to jump right out of my chest and land on the floor.

I slowly and carefully open the closet door wider, ready to jump back in order to avoid me turning into a bloody mess. I keep myself hidden behind the door as it slowly opens. My eyes need a few minutes to adjust to the darkness. The noise stops. I take a big deep breath and move my unwilling self into the closet a little further trying to see anything at all that could be making that kind of noise.

My shoes were all lined up perfectly on the bottom of the closet floor, the better shoes still tucked inside the three-drawer plastic chest. The clothes were all lined up hanging perfectly. The shirts all hanging together in perfect order and by color. Shirts, then sweaters, then pants, then skirts, and last the jackets. Seems nothing had been touched at all.

Just as I was about to take a huge sigh of relief, a pile of white bones flew out and jumped up at me. I screamed,

“Oh dear God a skeleton!”

I kick it right in the shin and am about to go for a second kick when it falls onto the floor into a pile of bones. I keep kicking the bones until there is nothing left of them. Gone. Vanished.

Finally! I am free! I am free of the skeleton in my closet. It no longer has power over me. I cannot begin to tell you how good that feels.


For those who have never heard the phrase, “Skeletons in my closet.” It is an idiom, meaning, “something embarrassing or incriminating that we want to keep secret.”


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