The River Boys

When I went to the river on Saturday to take some photos for my Photography 101 class, these two boys rode up on their bicycles. I asked them if I could photograph them and they were excited to pose for me. I was suppose to be photographing “light play.” Because these boys were having so much fun posing, I decided to concentrate on photographing them. I hope you enjoy this slide show.

This video is in honor of these sweet little boys.



16 thoughts on “The River Boys

    • This is the second time I tried using Vimeo. Deleting it and loading it again. Adding more cloud room and tried another video. Egads! Sooo much trouble! I have deleted them again – for good!

        • Yes! It did after I deleted it. To begin with there was a problem with the music, so I deleted the music. Then it told me it was private and I wasn’t allowing people to view it. When I went in to change that it started adding everyone in my CONTACT book! I didn’t want that, so I deleted the &@#^% thing! The only way I could share it with others was to add everyone in my contact book. Forget it!

  1. hmmmm usually it allows u to skip the automatic additions. On a quick google search, I found that privacy setting should be set to “anyone” (see article “What do the different privacy settings do?” at Unfortunately, I couldn’t find instructions with screen captures on how to do that. Let me see if you can perhaps use another video hosting site.

    • I tried to find a way to skip the downloading of my contact list and there was no way to stop it and there was no way to select “anyone.” Seems like all the apps want your entire email contact list anymore. I have also noticed that some of these apps are trying to copy Facebook. I’m not that computer savy and things have to been clear to me. If it isn’t clearly spelled out, all I know to do is delete it. It is so frustrating and Vimeo has been nothing but frustrating. Yes, I will only use YouTube from here on out.

  2. Hello,
    In the meantime why not put the address URL of the video ? Something like any other. I do not know either how to put a video Viméo on this site with free WordPress, I should look. 🙂

    • You might look into taking the next Blogging 101 classes they give to their clients for free (WordPress). You will learn how to do those type of things. Plus their classes are fun and you get to meet a lot of other people.

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