Day 9 Warmth

Photography 101 – Day 9 – Warmth

The sun didn't cooperate today for this challenge. These are the best I could get.





28 thoughts on “Day 9 Warmth

  1. These are lovely, especially the horse photo. The light seems very warm in the second photo, too. It’s not sunny here, either. A walk downtown to shoot landmarks (I’m a bit behind again) chilled me so much that I’ve still not taken off my fleece jacket.

  2. It didn’t matter about the sun not co-operating on the first two photos, because the warmth is captured in the beautiful colours of the trees.
    As for the horse, the sun did co-operate, and you caught it along the back of the one in the forefront, it’s quite special. Well done!

  3. All of them. The horses, the trees and the mailboxes really stand out and my eye is automatically drawn to them. The lighting just gives that nice feeling of warmth. 🙂

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