Photography 101 – Day 7 Challenge – Landmark

For my landmark photos today, I drove approximately 30 miles to take a picture of “Shiprock.” The legend of this huge rock is that it is the ship that brought the Navajo Indians to this area. Shiprock is located on the Navajo Indian Reservation. Shiprock is an Icon/Landmark for the Four Corners Area, USA. (The corner where the four states, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah, meet).

I kept pulling over on the highway in an attempt to get good pictures. After almost being hit by a car several times (just kidding…but it was close), I decided it was much too dangerous and to use the few photos I was able to get.

Any comments and helpful suggestions are welcome. (Unfortunately, there were power lines in the way).



26 thoughts on “Landmark

  1. Thank you for your like for the photo : Connect. I live in France-Bordeaux, and I ‘m busy to make my post fort today 11th November 🙂 Your shot is very nice and it is a discovery for me 🙂

  2. The second shot is my fav, you can hardly see the telephone lines. Good composition. Brings back memories of when I visited four corners. I’ll have to dig out my shots of the sun rising and coloring the mountains and cliffs a little at a time. I must have been crazy to pull off the road, walk out 50 foot from my car and sit on the ground and wait for the sun to rise. But it was all worth it.

  3. I think the phone lines add to our society. I mean as beautiful as this place is people still need to be connected in one way or another. So this is a twofer :0) the bottom is my fav. Why? Because the different shades and also that the lines are faint. Nice shots!

  4. You have been so busy, working hard on these projects and taking your life in your hands to get the best shots! The second picture works best for me, the image is nicely blanced in terms of composition, and also blaanced in terms of colour/contrast. It is clear that the rock is the star of the show. Phone lines – a bit of “photo-shopping” would soon take them down! (but I prefer to capture scenes how they really are, we have to live in the world as it is. I get frustrated in places like Cambridge which are architecturally beautiful, but pictures are spoilt by road signs, traffic lights and yellow no-parking lines!).

    • I need to put photoshop on my iPad. I have other photo editors but I don’t think they do as much as Photoshop does, or maybe I need to find out more about them. I know. All the beauty of our lands are spoiled by wires, poles, towers, yellow lines, signs, ect., but I think someday they will all be taken down and replaced by wireless whatever. lol (Anyway, I hope so).

  5. I remembered your commenting on the wires in your post (I hadn’t done Landmark at that time). Now that I’ve tried to take pictures of buildings downtown, I feel your pain: so much “extra” city stuff gets in the way, not to mention traffic. . . . And even though your landmark was not in an urban area, still there were wires.

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