Writing 101 – Day 12 – Inspired Conversation

Everything seemed to be going wrong that morning. To make matters even worse, the belt on my vacuum cleaner broke and I needed to finish my vacuuming.

Because I needed to finish the vacuuming, I decided to go to the store and buy a new belt. I changed my clothes, combed my hair and applied my make-up. Next, I checked my purse and found that I had a twenty dollar bill.

(Good! I don't have to stop at the ATM.)

Once I get to the store I proceeded to the counter and asked for the belt for the model of my vacuum. I explain to him that my belt keeps breaking. He went to the back of the store and brought out the belt, and sets it on the counter. As I lay my twenty dollar bill on the counter, the man trying to sell the new vacuum calls out to me.

“Since your belt keeps breaking, we will just give you the belt free of charge.”

“Thank you.” I responded.

(I found out later, they were the reason my belt kept breaking. I took my vacumn cleaner to them for a cleaning and they inconspicuously changed a setting which was causing the belt to keep breaking).

I turned my attention back to the man behind the counter. He reached into his cash register and pulled out a bill and handed it to me. When I saw the bill, I felt confused. I thought he had accidently grabbed the wrong bill from the register.

“This is a one dollar bill.” I explained to him. “I gave you a twenty dollar bill.”

“No, this is the bill you gave me,” he replied, matter-of-factly.

(First of all, what sense would it make for me to pay him with a one dollar bill for an item that costs four dollars).

I was now getting a little irate, “No sir, I gave you a twenty dollar bill because I know exactly what I had in my billfold!”

“No you did not. You gave me a one dollar bill!”


The man on the floor asked me, “Did you see him take a twenty dollar bill off the counter?” (Of course I hadn't because I was looking at him when he was talking to me).

“No, of course I didn't see him take the twenty dollar bill because you were talking to me and I was looking at you!” (That confirmed it, these two men had a scam going and were trying to make me their next victim).

At this point the young couple looking at the new vacumns had turned a ghostly color.

With his face burning bright red, the man on the floor called out to the man behind the counter,

“Give her the twenty dollars.”

He begrudgingly gave me back my twenty dollar bill.

I prompty left the store. (Much wiser).

Epilogue: The store closed down two months later. (Guess that couple didn't buy the new vacumn after all).



18 thoughts on “Writing 101 – Day 12 – Inspired Conversation

    • Thank you Jeff! I am afraid my brain is a bit fried. It took me forever to think of something to write about. I know there are a thousand more conversations that are much better than this one, but I couldn’t pull them out of my memory. Thank you for reading and commenting. Hope your nasty cold is gone now.

    • I appreciate you reading and commenting on my post. Yes, I was outraged. I guess at the time though they must have been desperate, but that doesn’t excuses their actions. Thank you Laura!

  1. Ha!! Justice was served after all it seems! Good job!
    I don’t think you needed to put your thoughts in parentheses, it is obvious from the context and flow that they were your thoughts and not said aloud. The parentheses made me pause and interrupted the rhythm you had going…just my opinion…

    • Oh okay. I had another post where I had made the font smaller and italized it in my editor but it didn’t do it on the blog. Someone commented about that “thought” not fitting there, but they couldn’t tell that it was a thought. So I decided I would put parenthesis around it to let people know it was a thought. Kind of a “darned if you do and darned if you don’t.”

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