Writing 101- Day 7 Contrast

Me: “I HATE my life!”

Voice: “Why do you hate your life? Because you are lousy failure!?”

Me: “Yes, I am. I am a failure.”

Voice: “You’ve got that right!”

Me: “I have no idea what to do to change things. To make things better!?”

Voice: “Good! I don’t want things to be better! I want to suffer right along with you!”

Me: “Why do want me to suffer? Because when you suffer, I suffer.”

Voice: “Because I happen to like pity parties! That’s why!”

Me: “Well, I DON’T! I DON’T WANT TO spend my life having a pity party!”

Voice: “Yes, you do! You love pity parties! You have them all the time! I am at my finest during those parties!”

Me: “Why don’t you just get the hell out of my life and let me have somehappiness for a change!”

Voice: “Because you think about me too much. Stop thinking about me and Iwill no longer be bothering you.”

Me: “How do I stop thinking about you?”

Voice: “Do you think “I” am going to tell you that! You ARE WRONG..AGAIN!”

Me: “I know, I am always wrong.”

Voice: “See, there you go again, you LOVE pity parties!”

Me: “But this is such a beautiful day and there are so many wonderful things to think about!”

Voice: “I think I’m getting a headache….”

Me: “I took some groceries to the local food bank. I helped the lady across the street with a problem she was having…”

Voice: “Sorry, what did you say? I can’t hear you. My head is pounding!”

Me: “I think I will go to the soup kitchen and see if they need some help cooking or serving food.”

Voice: “Wha?? Huh? Uuhh.. ‘l’j lj’ sadoj adfj f; llgm;afgj’afl.”…..

Me: “Yippee! I can’t hear you anymore!”

Voice: “Hello there! My name is… I am your new inner voice…”



24 thoughts on “Writing 101- Day 7 Contrast

      • Ah ha! It all makes sense now. I’m sorry if it was my density that kept me from seeing what was going on, but the new ending line changed everything. So, now I see this tug-o-war between two versions of the same person (yourself?) and it’s interesting to see one overtake the other. Was this hard to write?

    • The last comment you made, well my blog didn’t give me another “reply” button, so I had to come to your old comment. It wasn’t hard to write, but it took me quite awhile to think up something. Because I sometimes have pity parties (I limit myself 10 minutes – welll MOST of the time), it made it easy to write! LOL!

  1. When I started my piece today I initially had the idea of writing of an argument between the angel and the devil on your shoulder, so what a coincidence to see a similar theme in your post! That said, I just couldn’t get my idea right in my head… this is a much better example of how to do it, it was really relatable, and very telling with regards to how some of us need to change that inner monologue!

    • Laura, if you had written about the angel and devil on your shoulder, I assure you, yours would have been 100X better than mine. I couldn’t think of anything to write about, finally thought of this and went for it. Thank you for reading and commenting! 🙂 P.S. You are an excellent writer!

      • Ah thank you, it’s such a boost to get good feedback from lovely fellow bloggers like yourself! But I promise you I just couldn’t get the idea to something that was as well thought out as yours is! 🙂

  2. Oh how I love irony! Most people I know have had arguments with their inner voice such as this one. When they finally accept that each person creates his/her own happiness, they finally stop arguing with Inner Voice. Unfortunately, then they begin seeking happiness in other people (a spouse, for example) and other things (perhaps more money, a raise) and the cycle begins again.
    I hope your protagonist (Me) continues on her altruistic path to happiness.
    Well done. I appreciate the small paragraphs, too.

    • Thank you Victoria! You are right. Many people seek happiness through others or through material means. I think most of us will always have an inner voice and hopefully, it will be a positive one.

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