Writing 101 – Day 4: Serially Lost


Write about a loss: something or someone that was part of your life and isn't anymore.

You are there. Everywhere. Who are you? I see your face. I see you everywhere. Well, almost everywhere. Your face may change a little, but your eyes are always the same. Always.

At the airport in Oregon when I went to retrieve my lost luggage; it had been a terrible and overwhelming day for me and I had been crying. My spirit felt so broken and I looked up right into your startling blue eyes, looking at me with so much love and concern. Those eyes, those stunning eyes, melting the huge sadness within me.

On my hike in Choke Cherry Canyon, I stopped to rest on a rock and suddenly you were there asking me if I was okay. I told you I had stopped to rest and that my friend was nearby. You smiled. And, there you were right inside your magnificent blue eyes.

At the airport one day, during a layover, a little boy had been lost. We were all looking for him and suddenly there you were, smiling at me, with your beautiful blue eyes.

I see you at other times too but you seem farther away. Sometimes you are close and sometimes you are far away. I want to reach you. I want to ask you your name. Who are you?

I went to dinner one evening. I did not realize you were sitting at the table next to us. You tried to get my attention. When you looked at me, when you were leaving, I looked up into your eyes. Those amazing blue eyes. It was you.

You are only there when I am not looking for you. When I look for you I cannot find you. When I least expect it, suddenly there you are. It makes me happy when you show up out of the “blue.” Out of the blue sky, you, with your blue eyes. Your loving, caring, and kind blue eyes.

The last time I saw you, I was making a huge life decision and out of the “blue” you drove by, shaking your head, “NO.” But it was too late. The decision had been made and I could not change it. I tried.

Are you serially lost to me now my very special blue-eyed friend?

Or, are we meant to be together, through-out eternal forever?

You, me, and our blue eyes.




19 thoughts on “Writing 101 – Day 4: Serially Lost

  1. I very much liked your post. I sort of felt I could relate. I thought that the narrator was looking for a deeper connection with the person with blue eyes but for some reason they could never make more then those small important connections they made ” out of the blue” as you say. All the best!

  2. Thanks Cat! When i saw your post in my email I got excited, “Yea! Cat is in Writing 101!” I forgot that my fellow bloggers can see these posts too. 🙂 Thank you for your comment. That means a lot to me.

  3. I couldn’t resist to read your submission for this task too. It has a very nice and coherent structure and I simply love your writing style. I followed you 🙂

  4. I think that every one of those coincidental meetings with Blue Eyes is a story waiting to be told. My suggestion…pick one of them – one that still plays in your brain like a movie – and write the full story.

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