Writing 101 – Day 3: Celebrate Music!

Assignment: Celebrate 3 songs that are significant to you. For a twist, write for 15 minutes without stopping and build a writing habit. Completely FREE STYLE WRITING.

So… no judgements please!

Music is soul inspiration and I love listening to it however, I rarely do. My favorite music is “old gospel” and I played old gospel on the organ for several years. For some reason this music is the most comforting to me.

Probably because I was raised up with as a small child around my beloved grandmother, aunt and uncle where I lived until I was 12 years old.

I love “Amazing Grace”, “What a Friend We Have in Jesus”, and all the others, which unfortunately, I cannot remember at this time because I am under pressure with this writing assignment.

Do you remember the movie, “Oh Brother Where Art Thou?” I loved the music in that movie. I use to play it all the time at my work because I worked in a rather large room all by myself. My boss would walk in and tell me to turn my music off, but I wouldn't because that was the music I listened to and we were allowed to play music.

I like that “hillbilly gospel” but then I don't want a steady diet of it, I just like it on occasions. And, listening to the cd to that movie was uplifting because the movie was so darn funny!

I am celebrating the “Old Gospel” tunes music in my assignment and I really wish the churches would start playing more of the old gospel songs instead of the new music they play now. That music just doesn't seem to touch my heart and soul like old gospel music does. But maybe it does to everyone else and that is important.

When I listen to old gospel music it reminds me of all the times I spend with my grandmother, who I was so very close to. If I was sick and couldn't go to school, I was taken to my grandmother's to stay for the day. It was such a delight to me, even if I was sick.

Except one time I remember being so sick and couldn't keep anything down. I remember how concerned she was over it and having to take medicine to help settle my stomach, except that it didn't. I finally did stop vomiting but I don't remember if I had to go back to the doctor or what.

I remember all the friends that would stop by/drop by her house just to have coffee and visit. There were many! My grandmother and her friends would play cards and have so much fun. I loved watching them and listening to them and I always sat right there with them. I don't ever remember being shooed off because it was just for the adults. Seems to me she had so many friends! But because of the way she was, I can see why.

I feel like I am just rambling along on this free writing style, but that's what I am doing – rambling. I think I will ramble for about seven more minutes because my time will be up by then. Whew! This is a lot harder than I thought and we are suppose to do this same thing every single day. Except that it doesn't have to be about music, it can be about anything.

The days here are so beautiful and not too hot. The nights are cooling off, as well as the mornings. Old man winter is coming and I would rather it wait for about 6 more months and by that time it will be summer again, so that means, we can just skip the winter all together! Ha! I would like that,but I doubt the trees and plants would like it. They need their rest too.

Well, four more minutes. Hmm I am running out of thoughts.

I have been busy reading and trying to help other Writing 101 authors. I hope I have helped and not made enemies! (Sorry to those of you I might have been rough on. Please forgive me because I'm not a great writer either).

Three more minutes. Anyway, I have been busy reading Writing 101 blogs and was only able to get half way through. There are many people doing these assignments! Some of them are so excellent that I am almost ashamed of what I write. But, that is how I am going to improve is to write and take constructive criticism. (I'm not sure if I spelled that right but we aren't allowed to change the spelling). Actually we aren't even suppose to back up and change anything, but it is habit to me and I can't keep myself from doing it. I am sure you all know what I mean.

Times up! Yea!








13 thoughts on “Writing 101 – Day 3: Celebrate Music!

  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I enjoyed reading your piece. I am not the biggest fan of gospel music but I love artists like Van Morrison who were hugely influenced by Gospel music. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. I could definitely feel the emotional tie from the music to the person with the first half of the post. I kept feeling while I read that it wasn’t the music that was touching your soul but the connection it reminded you of with your grandmother…. and then I absolutely certain and your post shows this. And the way you shared the what leading into the why fed the emotions and feelings you were trying to convey.

  3. Priceless Joy, your kindness shows through. I have read your “secret” but in you I see beauty not less. I see a loving, accepting goodness toward others. This piece shows the loving, acceptance you received from your grandmother. Hold on to that and know your value! Keep writing. I have a feeling you will find a writing voice that manages to give to others!

  4. I happen to like it when you just “sit down and write”. I get a better idea of who you are and what makes you tick. Maybe because that’s the way I write, I don’t know. Anyway, I think that you should have more confidence in your writing. I’m still reading after all this time. I know I haven’t commented much, but sometimes I get so behind in my reading that all I can do is “like” so you know I was here. Take care, PJ.

    • Joy, it always makes me smile to see your smiling face come up after reading one of my posts because then I know you are reading them. Thank you! I have not had time to do any posts that are non Writing 101 related because we are so busy writing our assignments and reading and commenting on each other’s post. whew! It is very time consuming.

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