Writing 101- Day 2: A Room With a View in Time

If I had a room with a view where would I be or what would I be seeing? I can go anywhere, anyplace, at anytime. I choose to become timeless and weightless. I become like a mist that goes back in time, to a time that was long, long ago.

The white house is sturdy and has a large front porch with solid railing around it, about four feet high. This big porch also has a roof that shades the front door helping the house stay cooler inside. This old house was probably built in the 1940’s, give or take some years.

This is where my grandmother lives and where I love to go. This is where I learn about unconditional love, feeling safe and secure, about kindness, and about good ol’ country cookin’. This is where I feel love the most and where I feel the safest.

I am now back to this time and it feels like I am wrapped inside a nice soft and cuddly blanket. She is cooking and the smell of the food teases my nose. She is cooking this special meal just for me. She is so very wise that she knows I am coming even though it is through time and space.

I become very young and she is watching over me but she is tired and needs to nap. She sets me on the sofa and hands me a hairbrush and has me continuously brush her hair while she sits on the floor next to the sofa. I think, “She sure likes to have her hair brushed!” But I am too young to realize this is her way of taking a nap and watching me at the same time. See how wise she is?

She doesn’t have money to buy me toys but she buys me paper dolls. I play with those paper dolls for hours and hours. I forgot how much fun they were!

There’s a knock at the door and I answer it becaue I am a little older now. When I open the door there is a small hunched up old man standing there. He looks right at me and I can see the sadness in his faded blue eyes. “Do you have any work in exchange for some food?” he asks.

“Just a minute and let me get my grandmother.”

I bring my grandmother to the door and the old man asks her the same thing, “Do you have any work in exchange for some food?”

My grandmother, being the gentle and loving soul she is, says, “Honey, I don’t have any work but I have plenty of food!” She takes his hand, brings him into her kitchen, sits him at the kitchen table, and cooks him a full course meal and it isn’t even supper time! (In my grandmother’s home, he is King for the Day!) She shoos me away to go play. But knowing her, she is aiming to find out what else he needs besides just a meal.

I am much older now and standing by her bed. She is dying. I try and fight the tears to keep them from flowing but they are much stronger than me. Those tears burst out of my eyes while my heart is breaking.

“I love you grandmother. Thank you for being so good to me.” I am holding her hand and she squeezes mine.


17 thoughts on “Writing 101- Day 2: A Room With a View in Time

  1. I am speechless. You’re writing style had evolved so much and this piece is on a different level. I almost felt like I was there.

    It’s amazing how I can see so much of your grandmother in you. Your kind heart is a testament to that.

    Again, you’re an amazing person and I bet your grandmother would be darn proud about you right now!

    • Ahh Mark, that is the sweetest thing anyone could say to me. Thank you so much! I hope all is going bright and well in your life including the affairs of your heart. You are a great and special friend!

  2. Lovely writing. I can feel the atmosphere in Granny’s home. Just a suggestion: won’t the words flow better if you use “she” a bit less? To much repetition makes it less flowing.

  3. Thank you for reading and for your comment. 🙂 Yes, my grandmothers’ were wonderful. I was wondering if anyone even remembered when there were paper dolls (or old enough to remember). Haha!

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