My Day of Canning

How boring can a post get when it says, “Hi Everyone! I have been “canning” all day! Sounds so “grandma” doesn't it? Actually, I like to can and I can as much as possible (especially with the price of groceries). My canning batch for the day? Twelve quarts of chile. (This picture only shows seven quarts because there are five quarts still in the Pressure Cooker).

I cooked the Chile all morning. My special “made up” Chile Recipe. Delicious!

Kim, owner of blog, Quiet Desperation started it. At the end of last year she wrote on her blog that she was having Chile and I have not been able to stop thinking about it. (Besides, what is better on cold days, than a nice warm bowl of Chile?)

This is my Chile Recipe:

8 Cups of Dry Pinto Beans (soak overnight and cook with 10 cups of water the next morning).


2 packages of corn kernels

2 tubs of Chopped Green Chile (I use Mild, but you can use hotter if you prefer).

**3 cubes of Cilantro (I will explain this at the end).

2 large cans of diced tomatoes (put in the blender and puree) – I do this instead of using Tomato Sauce (I don't like the “heaviness of the Tomato Sauce).

2 regular sized cans of diced tomatoes (do not puree)

2 onions, chopped and sauteed until transparent

2 pounds of ground beef (cooked)

2 pounds of ground sausage (cooked)

3 Bay Leafs

Approximately 2 Tablespoons of Chile Powder

Approximately 1 Tablespoon of Salt (Taste First)

4 sections of Garlic, chopped fine

Taste often and adjust recipe according to your taste. (Take out Bay leaves when done).

Because this makes 15 quarts of Chile, you could half the recipe (or quarter it). If you do not “can”, you can also freeze it in Freezer bags or Freezer Containers.

**I grow my Cilantro and when I harvest it, I wash it well and freeze it with water in ice cube trays then bag the cubes. (You could also use dry Cilantro or no Cilantro, depending on your taste).



24 thoughts on “My Day of Canning

  1. I am so jealous! I have always imagined my pantry full of my own canned foods…and yet, I’ve never given it a try. It seems too daunting to me. This looks sooo good! My chili is pretty simple and I “cheat”…I found Carol Shelby’s chili mix a while back and it has made chili such an easy dish! All of the spices are there in the box, pre-measured and perfect. Of course chili is so individual in the making…no two are alike! Thanks for the shout-out! Hugs and love 🙂

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