Truth or Fiction?

Lately I have been dabbling a little bit in “story telling.” No… not lies. Writing short stories. I apologize to all those who read them thinking they were true stories of my life. “Learning Lessons in Walmart” and “Life is for Living,” are short “fictional” stories. I never meant for them to be taken as truth, and for those who did, I apologize.

In the future, I will put either Fiction or True Story in my Categories so my readers will know and there won't be any confusion.

I really do appreciate those who read them, commented and were moved by these stories.

Further posts from me, especially if they are fictional stories, will be categorized appropriately. Thank you!


14 thoughts on “Truth or Fiction?

  1. TBH, the first story I read, I completely believed, but by the second, I did wonder if you had a little bit too much storytelling going on. So, yes, I did think you were actually talking about your own experiences…. quite funny, really

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