This morning I took my 13 year old dog to the veternarian to get his shots updated, teeth cleaned, and paw looked at (he has been limping a little).

The vet just called me and told me that his liver and kidneys are not in good shape and he is showing an infection in his bloodwork. He also said that because of his kidneys and liver, it might be hard on him to go under anesthesia.

After he explained to me that the infection could be caused by a tooth, I agreed with him and asked him to go ahead with the teeth cleaning (and extract any teeth that need to be extracted) and to go ahead with the anesthesia in order to do it. I'm saying a prayer and keeping my fingers crossed for my old boy, Princeton. He might be old (for his size) but I certainly am not ready to let him go (unless he is suffering, which I don't think he is).

Princeton has been my loyal and faithful companion for the past eleven years. (I got him from an animal shelter and he was an adult dog).

Because of his age, he has cataracts and his hearing is bad. But it doesn't keep him from getting around fairly well for an old boy.

I know that he may only have a few years or even a few months left to live and I want him to be comfortable, and not have to deal with pain from infected teeth.

With this, if you don't get another post this evening about my sweet dog Princeton, you will know that his “risky” surgery went well and he is at home with me, recovering.

This picture looks like Princeton. I don't have any photos of him because every time I would take a picture of him he would move his head. So I searched in Pinterest until I found a picture that looks like him. (Thank you Pinterest!!)



10 thoughts on “Princeton

    • Thank you so much! I appreciate that, it truly makes me feel better. I am sitting here worrying and biting my nails until they call me and hopefully tell me I can come get him and take him home to have a longer life. :o)


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