The United States “Southwest”

Because WordPress Blog writers' are from all over the world, I thought it would be nice to show pictures of my part of the world and hope others will do the same.

My part of the world happens to be the United States Southwest – Four Corners Area (where four states meet) Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and Utah. The Four Corners is close to mountains, lakes, rivers, desert, cliffs, beautiful rock formations and Indian Ruins.



(This picture was taken close to Durango, Colorado).







( This is a walking trail near Durango, Colorado).




(This picture is taken near Red Rock, Arizona)








(This picture is taken outside Moab, Utah)













(The “Bisti” near Shiprock, New Mexico)










(“Shiprock” outside of Shiprock, New Mexico).







(Kokopelli's Bed & Breakfast, Aztec, New Mexico)





The Four Corners, United States, has many beautiful and interesting areas. Camping, hunting, fishing, snow skiing, water skiing, boating, hiking, dirt biking, four-wheeling, and many Indian Ruins to explore. However, the one thing we do not have near us, are oceans and beaches.

My good friend went camping with her family near a stream. Her young son dug up something that was partially buried that looked like a funny looking rock. It turned out to be a perfect (unbroken) ancient Indian clay pot. They called the BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs) to report it and were told it wasn't found on their land. They were told to call the land owner. They called the land owner and were told they could keep it. (Great treasure for a young boy to find!)




These pictures are from Pinterest. (Thank you Pinterest for sharing your photos with me and many others).



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