An Unusual House Guest

This is a story of a handsome fellow that I made friends with after he was caught breaking and entering into my home. At first he was sneaking in (right under my nose). But one day I caught him red handed!  He secret escapades were over!  He now announces himself when he breaks in and I  promptly give him a dish food with a few treats on the side.  He thanks me by letting me pet him as he purrs his “thank you’s”, then he leaves, just as quietly as he came in.  As I watch him leave, I yell (quietly), “Bye little buddy! I’ll see you tomorrow.”


4 thoughts on “An Unusual House Guest

  1. Awwww this is so cute I remember I opened the door once and a cat I had never seen before walked into my house, into the kitchen and started demanding food. I didn’t own a cat so he got a can of tuna lol

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