Agoraphobia – FFfAW 3-25-2015

Some people call me a mole because I live inside my four walls (more, if you count all the rooms). The doctors call it agoraphobia. It doesn't matter to me what it's called, I won't go outside; not since my mother was raped and murdered fifteen years ago.

She left to go buy groceries and never returned. They found her battered and lifeless body four miles away in a shallow grave. It damn near killed me.

Some people call my home my prison. It isn't a prison to me. People can't see what I see so they think I'm crazy. My mother comes to visit me often. She tells me stories of her youth and we laugh while we drink tea and eat biscuits.

Most People think I live here all alone. That isn't true. My mother and my late relatives visit me often.

I'm not crazy. Those busybodies are.

(150 words)


Thank you Vanessa Rodriguez for this photo prompt

This story is in response to Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, week of March 25, 2015. We are given a photo prompt for the base of our stories and challenged to make our stories 150 words (more or less).

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A Flash Back of the Good Kind

Priceless Joy:

Please wish this wonderful mother a Happy Birthday! ((Hugs!!))

Originally posted on Raising 5 Kids With Disabilities and Remaining Sane Blog:


My kiddos, Marie and Angel, both have flashbacks to their early childhood abuse. From out of no where, a scent might set Angel off, or a man somewhat resembling a perpetrator might set Marie off, and they are both deep in the world of bad thoughts. I know it can happen, but never gave it much thought until today. When I had a flashback that set me off on a nostalgic ride of good thoughts.

I was pursuing the bargains at JC Penney’s, picking out a cute grey sweater to ward off the cold while waiting for the spring that I know is supposed to arrive any day now. Soon. When the mountains of snow melt… But for now I wear sweaters.

While waiting in line, I admired the clothes on the counter ready to be purchased. They were a blouse and sweater in pastel colors, the colors that are…

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White Water Rapids – MFtS 3-23-2015

When the team heard the dam explode, they knew they had limited time to make it to safety. In an instant, their “white water rapids vacation tour” had become a matter of life and death.

The white water river rapids had become gargantuan in size and their very lives were in dire peril.

The lead, Edward, screamed, “HANG ON TIGHT,” his voice faltering from fear, “AND DO NOT LET GO!”

Everyone was white from terror and one lady began to retch. Everyone was screaming at the top of their lungs and swallowing water from the drenching. Edward was screaming over their screams, trying to keep everyone calm, including himself.

The raft rode over huge waves up and down and water threatened to sink the raft.

After ten minutes of white knuckling, the raft finally came to calm waters. Their relief was palpable. Now, they just needed to stay calm and wait for rescue.

Finally, above them, they could see the helicopters coming. Everyone started crying and clapping.

Edward included.

(149 words)

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Beauty in Ten Sentences

I have been invited by ItsPH to participate in a challenge of writing ten sentences, consisting of six words each, and containing the word beauty in each sentence. I am to end the post with a favorite quote about beauty.

1. Inside each person’s heart lies beauty.

2. Beauty is wealth to the eyes.

3. Through love do we shape beauty.

4. Kindness is our beauty inside out.

5. Beauty shapes our lives with light.

6. Let beauty shine all around you.

7. Beauty brings light to dark minds.

8. Beauty allows us to shine brighter.

9. Allow beauty to direct your mind.

10. Beauty endears us to its riches.

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

Instead of nominating someone, I open this up to anyone who would like to participate. Please write 10 sentences, consisting of 6 words in each sentence, and each sentence containing the word, beauty. Please end your post with your favorite quote about beauty.

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Celebration: Sunday Photo Fiction 3-22-2015

That was quite a party! Mr. and Mrs. Ballister were there in fine form. After all, it was their party and it “was” a milestone year for the celebration of the anniversary of their incredible marriage.

There was live music, alcohol, hor’sderves, and a huge glorious cake. They all laughed when they saw the “couple” that was adorning the top of the cake. It was the skeletal remains of a married couple.

Everyone danced, laughed, drank, and shared snippets of their life stories. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their evening and claimed it to be the perfect party, once again.

When the clock struck the hour announcing the upcoming arrival of dawn, everyone ran out and disappeared in the few minutes remaining of darkness.

Next year will mark the 151st year of their marriage when they will all meet again.

(138 words)

Joe Owens is the kind host of Sunday Photo Fiction. He presents us with a photo of which to base our stories on and challenges us to write a story of 200 words or less. Today, mine was 138 words.

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Friday Fictioneer – Tea Party

Bunny Bear was sitting smugly at the table while Mrs. Butters quietly drank her tea. Mary Ella graciously poured more tea for Bunny Bear and Mrs. Butters, placing a tea cake on each of their plates.

“Momma said we can have our tea in my own kitchen.” Mary Ella said to the stuffed dolls. “But, she said we can’t go out into the forest.”

Bunny Bear coughed into her fist and Mrs. Butters shifted in her seat and asked for more tea.

“So, you both must stay here.”

They watched as she made her descent into the bowels of the forest.

(101 words)

Friday Fictioneer is hosted by Rochelle Wisoff Fields, blog master of “Rochelle Wisoff Fields – Addicted to Purple.”

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