Fifty Things That Make Me Happy

My friend Frederick with FredtotheRick blog has challenged all of his followers (me being one) to write a post about fifty things that make us happy.

I am accepting his challenge and extending this challenge to all my followers: Write a blog post about “Fifty Things That Make You Happy.”

1. When I get to sleep as long as I need to sleep to feel completely rested.

2. When it rains and I don’t have to water my outdoor plants.

3. When I get a package in the mail and it being properly delivered.

4. Retirement.

5. Freedom.

6. When everything in my life is peaceful and calm (no drama).

7. Enjoying cups of hot coffee each morning. Mmmm…

8. Knowing I will skip number 8 just because I can.

9. Drinking a coke.

10. Watching my hummingbirds.

11. Knowing my hummingbirds are comfortable with me being around them.

12. Feeling safe and protected.

13. My country (even though it is sometimes dysfunctional).

14. Listening to beautiful soothing music.

15. Being in the mountains with the fresh mountain air.

16. Being around animals.

17. My little dog, Bria.

18. Having a clean conscience.

19. Finally being able to get something I have wanted for a long long time.

20. When a long lost friends returns.

21. Beautiful sunny days when it is neither too hot or too cold.

22. All my friends on WordPress.

23. All my friends.

24. Going out for breakfast.

25. Peace of mind

26. Having all those “hard” years behind me.

27. Those “aha” moments.

28. A really good book

29. A really good movie.

30. Visiting my kids and grandkids

31. Writing flash fiction

32. Hummingbirds (Did I say hummingbirds?)I love hummingbirds

33. Learning something new

34. Learning something new to improve my blog

35. My blogging friends

36. Ice Cream

37. Saying the same thing twice because I can.

38. Freedom (saying Freedom twice because it is so high value).

39. A very nice delicious dinner that someone else cooked.

40. Spring

41. That moment when you know winter is over.

42. A nice comfortable bed.

43. A nice ‘down’ pillow.

44. Talking to my family.

45. My children and grandchildren!

46. Making new blogging friends.

47. Making new friends.

48. Bright pretty flowers.

49. My Lilac bushes when they bloom.

50. Just because there is a lot to be happy about.

51. Funny jokes.


FFfAW – Wedding Bells

Jest about the whole county of Snake River Valley filled the church pews. Billy Lamar stood with Pastor Mackelroy, sweatin' profusely and as twitchy as a mouse in a room full of cats.

Belinda were dressed in her pretty white dress her mamma made and showing a noticeable baby bump. Pa McDuff was standin' beside her to make damn sure Billy Lamar marries his daughter so she don't give birth ta no bastard child.

The weddin' march began ta play and Belinda and Pa began shufflin' ta the front of the church toward Pastor and Billy Lamar. Belinda was smiling from ear ta ear and Billy was tremblin' in mortal fear.

“Dearly Beloved, we are here today ta unite Belinda McDuff and Billy Lamar in blessed matrimony….ta have and ta hold from this day forward…..for as long as you both shall live….. You may kiss your bride.”

Everyone wished the newly wedded couple good luck. Lord knows, they's sure gonna need it.

(162 words)

Photo credit ©PricelessJoy

This is my 162 word submission for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. We are given a photo prompt and 100-150 words give or take 25, with which to write our story.

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MFtS: Spirit City

“The only residents remaining in the small town of Miners Hill are spirits.”

Miners Hill is filled with the ghost-spirits of all the people tragically killed by the devastating gas leak from the manufacturing and mining plant in 1937. At that time, the fatal gas leak could not be detected and the result was the loss of 3, 047 precious and innocent lives. Included in the deaths were three hundred thirty-three children under the age of 18. The remainder were mothers waiting for their children to come home from school and father’s working at the plant or in the mine, making a living for their famillies.

Although much too late for the residents of Miners Hill, a distinctive fragrance has been added to this particular gas so it can now be easily detected.

Miners Hill, aka Spirit City, has become a huge tourist attraction in this particular area of Wyoming, stirring up the wrath and anger of the spirits which linger. (150 words)

Photo credit ©Barbara Beacham


Barbara Beacham is the kind hostess of the challenge, Monday’s Finish the Story. She provides us with a photo prompt, the first sentence, and approximately 150 words with which we are to use to write our story.

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Sunday Photo Fiction – Lilly Whistletoe

Lillie Whistletoe lived in Mrs. Garner’s garden behind the clemantis vines and in front of the ivy. Her job was to draw the flowers growing in the garden. Mrs. Garner did not know about Lilly or that it was her that designed her lovely garden flowers. Lilly worked happily on her artwork and joyfully sang songs as she worked. Only the bees and hummingbirds could hear Lilly’s beautiful songs.

Lilly, being a garden artist faery, used a teeny tiny drawing compass to draw the circles for the center of the flowers. Every May when the sun burst with it’s warm golden rays and it’s gentle fingers of light lovingly nurtured the garden, Lilly’s designs would bloom with majestic colors to the delight and great joy of the Mrs. Garner (and Lilly).

Little did the giant humans know that their sculpture in the park was really a giant drawing compass, and a tribute to Lilly Whistletoe’s important garden job.

(155 words)

Photo Credit: ©Alistair Forbes


This is my story submission for “Sunday Photo Fiction” kindly hosted by Alistair Forbes. He gives us a photo and approximately 200 words with which we are to use to write our story. This challenge is welcome to all that would like to participate. If you would like to know more, please click on the challenge icon below.



FFfAW: Gazebo Memories

Every day I walk to the park and sit on the bench that allows me to view the gazebo that holds so many fond memories for me.

I remember Billy, my very first boyfriend, kissing me at this gazebo on New Year's Eve that year and I swear I think my toes tingled.

My “husband to be” danced with me on this gazebo so many years ago and I thought we were dancing in heaven. We married six months after that dance.

Then there were all the picnics that my husband, children and I went on as we sat in the gazebo sharing our fried chicken and potato salad. Holding me close, we watched the children play on the park gym and laughed at silly jokes.

One day, my casket will be on this gazebo as my family tells me goodbye. There will be tears and beautiful music, a picnic lunch and family mingling with each other. But I won't be there.

I sigh heavily, and slowly walk back to my hospice bed. (173 words)

Photo credit ©Dawn M. Miller

This is my 173 word submission for the Weekly Challenge, Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, hosted by PricelessJoy. We are given a photo and approximately 100-175 words with which to write a story with. It is fun, challenging, and addicting. If you would like to participate, please click on this link: FFfAW.

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MFtS: The Angel Flame

The crew of the Angel Flame received orders to head out by first light the next morning. Captain McDuff knew a secret about this dreaded mission the other crew members did not know. The Angel Flame was to go into the deepest parts of the ocean that no other submarine has ever gone. “It is the new frontier,” his superiors told him. “We need to be the first to conquer it in order to claim the oil and to maintain our status of being the first country.”

That evening after dinner, Captain McDuff cleared his throat and got the attention of his men.

“Tomorrow morning our mission is to submerge into the deepest part of the ocean. In-spite of the danger, we believe our ship is strong enough to endure the pressure. We are embarking upon the new frontier and this is imperative to our overall mission.

One of the crew members asked, “What mission is that, Sir?”

Captain McDuff didn’t have the heart to tell him. (167 words)

Photo credit to © Barbara Beacham

This is my submission for the weekly writing challenge hosted by Barbara Beacham, Monday’s Finish the Story. She give us a photo prompt, the first sentence to our story and approximately 150 words with which we write our stories. It’s fun and addicting. If you would like to participate, or read the other stories submitted for this challenge, please click on the prompt photo above.


Lackadaisical Sunday

It was a typical lazy Sunday afternoon and blessedly peaceful. My oldest daughter was out with friends and not around to act out her latest teenage drama. My lazy self wanted to take that coveted Sunday afternoon nap. Then, I heard the music. Tinkle, tinkle, tinkle, tinkle. The ice cream truck!

I forgot about being an adult. I forgot about my Sunday afternoon nap. I grabbed my change from the top of my dresser and followed all of the other children as we lined up to order our icy treat.

I walked away feverishly licking my ice cream to keep it from melting all over my hands. The creamy orange sweetness tickled my tummy as I ingested the sticky treat.

It was just another lackadaisical Sunday afternoon until the ice cream truck came through and I became a little child again, long enough to devour my delightfully delicious, messy treat. (150 words)

Photo credit ©Alistair Forbes

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